Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP)


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This course covers the background, science and clinical applications of PRP…

A detailed course on the background, science, processing methods and clinical applications of Platelet Rich Plasma for hair restoration, skin/facial cosmetics, and orthopedics.

This course is a combination of didactics and hands-on learning. Principles of hair loss and the evidence-based interventions for male and female pattern baldness are covered. Principles of facial beauty and aesthetics are also taught. At least one hair case and one facial case are performed.

Although orthopedic indications are covered, including soft tissue and large joint injections, this course is not designed to make students proficient at orthopedic injections and specific joint injection techniques are not taught.  For students seeking certification in the trademarked PRP-based procedures including the Vampire Facelift (PRP + Facial Filler + Microneedling), O-Shot and P-Shot, these are taught in a separate course.

Students leave with the knowledge and paperwork needed to implement the new skills upon returning to their office.

Course length: 1 day


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